İsmail Atlı

Who is İsmail Atlı?

He was born in Mudurnu in 1964. Atlı, who completed his primary and secondary education in Mudurnu, graduated from MEB Open Education High School.

Atlı was introduced to the hot blacksmithing profession, which was started by his grandfather Hacı Kazım Atlı in 1920 and continued by his father, when he was only 10 years old. Having left 50 years behind in the profession, Atlı has become a master preferred by everyone in the production of wood, coal and hazelnut stoves without compromising on quality. İsmail Atlı, who is a Handicraft Artist of the Ministry of Culture (Professions Facing Disappearance), also has the title of "Bolu Province Ahi Father" in 2019.

In his shop, which has become a frequent destination for hundreds of people from home and abroad who are interested in handicrafts, Atlı tells his guests about the intricacies of the profession and gives information about the history of the district. His interviews and documentaries about blacksmithing and stove making frequently appear in the national and local press.

Atlı, who has been working as a blacksmith and stove maker for more than half a century on Demirciler Street in the Historical Arasta Bazaar in the district, has been selling pellet stoves that he produces entirely by hand since 2012.

Atlı Pellet Stoves, one of the well-known brands in the sector, attract great attention both at home and abroad.

İsmail Atlı is married and has three children.